FacebookBuzz is a plugin that allows you to lock your mobile offers (coupons, contests, or any other special content) behind a Facebook “Like”. Your mobile page visitors would have to Like your Facebook page before they can access your mobile page with the offer.

Start by clicking on the FacebookBuzz icon on your account dashboard:

Register free on the FacebookBuzz page:


Sing in, click on “Create new” and specify your mobile intro page and your “secret” offer page URLs. Specify which Facebook page users need to like or share to get to your offer page:


Save the page and click on the “Get Code” button:


Copy the code below and paste it on your mobile intro page (the code will generate the Like button for you) and the other part of the code on the Thank You page (into a Custom HTML widget) to protect that page and make it visible only to those who Liked the Facebook page:



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