How to intergrate with ExactTarget

How to integrate with ExactTarget

First of all, you need to configure your ExactTarget account:

Pick an existing list or create a new one. Add custom fields to your list, if you need to. We suggest that you use ‘Text’ type for your custom fields in order to prevent datatype mismatch between the mobile form and ExactTarget data.

In your ExactTarget account in the settings section these checkboxes should be selected: “API User” and “Grant the user access to the web services”:

To configure the integration of your ExactTarget account and our platform mobile form, open the mobile form edit window and click the “Integration Wizard” link:

Then click on “Configure”.

Put your ExactTarget username and password, and click the “test” link to make sure your ET access info is valid.

Then save your data and click the “create new” button:

In the Mobile Form Integration window select a domain and page you need. Also select a ExactTarget list you want to integrate with:

To integrate your mobile form with multiple ET lists you should select necessary lists checkboxes.

And then set up the field mappings (e.g. “connect” the fields on your mobile form to the attributes (fields) in ExactTarget). By default the email field of your mobile form always mapped with ExactTarge email field.

To check that your integration rule configured properly, please open your mobile form and submit it with the test data:

If everything configured properly, your test subscriber should appear in the EX list in a few minutes:

To configure the welcome email you need to open your ET list properties and select the exact email you want to send as ‘welcome email’ for new subscribers:

As soon as the new subscriber appears in the list the ‘welcome email’ will be send.


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