Uploading custom images

Uploading custom images to our platform

When uploading images for your mobile pages, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

If you are uploading images for your page header or an image gallery (and want the image to fill up the width of the page), and the images are in PNG or JPEG format, you don’t have to worry about the image side. Our platform will resize the images to fit and look good on all mobile screens.

If you are using a GIF image, however, you would need to resize it yourself first. If you need the image to fill up the width of the mobile page, make it 600px wide.

If you upload an image smaller than 600px, it will probably be shorter than the full width of the mobile page, however this may be your desired effect.

Here is what what a 300px-wide image looks like on a mobile page:

With our platform you have the ability to add ALT tags to any images in the Picture, Image+Text and Image Gallery widgets. In an image gallery, you can add links to each image to make the gallery more interactive:


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