Property Listing

Property Listing

List name: Create a name for your listing here


Keyword: Select a keyword for your list. This keyword is going to be used for lead generation use.  This will allow the real estate agent to receive the person’s information that is interested in the property. For example, text “RealtorMike” to 71441.



Property info

Here you will insert the property information.

Address: Input the houses address here

Price: What the price of the house you are selling will be

Select the scroll buttons next to Bed and Bath to inform interested prospects of how many bedrooms and bathrooms are present in the home.

Property description: Insert additional information on the home here. For example “ House located 3 blocks from the beach.”

Property URL: Here write down the link that will be used to send your customers or interested prospects to a mobile website or landing page you created. Click “shorten and insert” to have the URL link shortened and inserted for the message so that it stays within the character limit.

property.png preview.PNG


Choose Opt-in List: You have the option to add the prospects into an opt-in list when users text in the keyword you set up. If you do not choose a list, no opt-in will occur.

Include a coupon: You can attach a coupon to your property listing.

Check the box next to “Notify me” so that you receive a notification when a prospect inquires about your listing. Receive notifications through either email or text message.


You can view your ad by viewing the dashboard under the property listing tool. This dashboard will look like this.


Under where it says "Ad", click the Generate button to generate an ad. This will look like this (below). This ad allows you to print it out, put onto your facebook or twitter social media account, email it and much more. 


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