Export Lists

A new great feature is the ability to export your opt-in lists and convert it into a Microsoft Excel file!

Go to "Contacts" on your advertiser dashboard.

Next, click View next to the opt-in list you want to export.



Once you click view, you wil see your opt-in infotmation. Click on the green Microsoft Excel button on the top right hand side.



Once you hit the Excel button, this screen will pop up. Choose the option "Save File" and your list should be downloaded and converted into a .CSV file, then appear in Microsoft Excel.


Excel File example



Finally, a frequently asked question is why do the phone numbers have 3 X's in the number? This is for your opted-in customers protection. If you want to view their full numbers, that can be done through your administrative dashboard, however you would need special permission to enable this feature so that the numbers get exported fully.

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