Text to Win

From your advertiser dashboard, click on Text to Win, then "Create New"

You will have to give your sweepstakes a name for your records.




Select an opt-in list to use for your sweepstakes, you can choose all numbers on the list or select "Selective Participants". You may opt to select participants who have texted in during a specific time frame. Click on Check how many participants to view the response to your sweepstakes.


Next choose how many winners will win your contest. You can choose to have notifications of the results sent to your email or phone


-Notify each winner the prize they have won. If you would like, you can add a coupon to the winner by clicking the Add.  (The coupon has to be created already)


-You can also notify the non-winners, as well as include a coupon



Execution time is when you want your contest to run. Click "Run Now" to run your contest right away. Click "Scheduled" to set a specific date and time for your contest to run.


Click save and you're done!

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