Upload Contacts: In-Depth Version

Upload Contacts


Our system let’s you upload mobile phone numbers you have collected to the system. To do this, log in to your advertiser dashboard, and under ‘Tools’ click ‘Upload Contacts’.



Here, you will see the upload wizard, which first asks you whether these uploads were previously opted in to a list or must confirm to opt-in to a list. The first option is for those mobile users who have been knowingly apart of a list to receive SMS updates/coupons from the business. This means they have either texted in to be part of the list and have received updates in the past, or have put their number on a list that explicitly states they will be receiving text-messages. From there, select the opt-in list that these contacts will be added to.



You have the option to enter in the mobile numbers manually, or upload them via a .CSV file. Be sure to download and follow the template to the right of the upload option. To the right of the manual number entry, there is a box that asks you to explain how these numbers were obtained. As previously stated, we have a policy that we will not approve numbers checked as ‘previously opted in contacts’ if the mobile users have not voluntarily opted in via text message or have given their number without understanding that SMS updates will be sent to their phone. We may contact you to ask for a sample of what users will read before signing up. Upon completion, click ‘Send’ and you will be asked to confirm the numbers to be uploaded. The contacts are usually approved within a few hours.

Keep in mind that the list of numbers uploaded to the platform will be scrubbed of bad numbers and landlines. This mobile lookup procedure charges your advertiser account with 1 credit per contact you decide to upload. If contacts require an opt-in, all successfully uploaded contacts will receive a confirmation message as well as a welcome message. Credits will be charged to the advertiser account for confirmation messages and welcome messages so long as the user confirms.


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