Opt-In Lists: Quick Version

Opt-in Lists

View and manage your opt-in lists.

This is the opt in list.



 Click on 'Create New' to begin creating your list.

Opt-in Wizard

Edit the details of each opt-in list using the Opt-in Wizard. Here, you can edit or request keywords, revise your opt-in and welcome message text and add or remove coupons. The list name should be the name of your business or product. The keyword is the word your customers will text to shortcode 71441 to opt in. (Example: You will text Judy to 71441. This will add you to the list and from there on out you will receive whatever messages the salon sends. You can reply 'Stop' at anytime to be taken off of the list).


Click Request a new keyword, and you will be taken to the screen below to check on the staus of your desired keyword, and if it is available to be leased.




For more information, please read up on the opt-in list in depth guide.


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