Opt-In vs. Lead Lists

Opt-in lists vs. Lead lists

Many people are confused as to the differences between an opt-in list and a lead list.


 An opt-in list is a great way to build up a database of customers by receiving their phone numbers and other information. This is usefult if your business sells a recurring service and if you want repeat customers. A person will be added to an opt-in list after they text in the keyword you have tied into that list. A good example is your store has signs all around saying “Text BobbysBurgers to 71441 to receive great promotions!”. Anyone who texts in that keyword (BobbysBurgers) to 71441 will be added to your list and will remain there unless the customer themselves opts out. Opt-in lists are a great way to keep your business in a customer’s mind, and continue to add customers over time. They are also effective in getting the news out there, such as a hospital holding a local blood drive.


Great for: Restaurants, clubs, bars, gyms, workout/dance classes, delis, car washes and much more!


A Lead List is the opposite of an opt-in list, as to say it is not a repeating service like an opt-in list. It is more like a one-time request for information. A lead list is more effective for someone looking to buy something or get information for themselves. You can set it up so that a person gets an automatic reply or a link to the information they requested.


Great for: Selling houses, vehicles, business cards, landing pages etc.


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