Registered Numbers

Registered Numbers

You can register authorized numbers for your account. What does that mean? For example, just like how you may register your phone number to your bank account to get text alerts, updates etc., this basically says that this is the authorized number to do actions in your account.

To register your number, login to your advertiser dashboard. On the bottom right hand side, it will says “Registered Numbers”. When you click the plus button, the system will ask you to enter your number, then click “Send SMS”. This will prompt the system to send you via text message with a verification code. Once you click send, it will then ask you to enter the verification code that was sent to your phone. Once you do that, your phone number will appear next to the “1.” under registered numbers.

Now, once this is set up, you can basically blast out messages to people on your opt-in lists, right from your phone. Say you have an opt-in list with the keyword “Pizza”. From your phone, you will start to create a text message. You will text Pizza (the keyword) followed by a space, then your message Ex:

( Pizza Hello everyone, have a good day). Hello everyone, have a good day  will appear as a text message to all of your opted-in users on the Pizza opt-in list! So this basically lets you just use your phone to send out messages instead of logging onto your dashboard and sending a message from there!

(Note-Message must be at least 20 Pizza Hello wont send)



Click the plus


Input your number and click Send SMS


Once you get the code via text messaging, input the code and click Send Code



Your number will appear next to the "1." (or 2. depending on how many numbers you have)



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