Quick Start Guide

Getting started with Mobile Marketing!


We've made Mobile Marketing a snap with our easy-to-use features. Start growing your business today!

To begin, let's send a simple text message:


CREATE A KEYWORD.  Select "KEYWORDS" from the main account screen. You can either create your own keyword, and check to see if it is available for us. If you want a keyword set up for you, click system generated and a keyword of 2 letters and 2 numbers will be formed (see second box).




CREATE A NEW OPT-IN LIST.  Select "Create and opt-in page" from the main account screen. Choose if you want to make it for a website, social media site or mobile. Select a keyword (made already in the keyword tab of the dashboard).



If you choose for a website or social media site....


A code will appear to paste to your website right below this.





WRITE AN OPT-IN MESSAGE & WELCOME MESSAGE. Compose a simple opt-in message and welcome message by typing your desired copy right into the screens provided. For example: "Thank you for joining my mobile program" and then "Welcome to my mobile program" and then click "SAVE".




TEXT YOUR KEYWORD TO 71441 Now you may test your opt-in list from your mobile phone. Simply text your alpha-numeric keyword to Mobile Marketing's short code: 71441. You'll receive the Opt In and Welcome messages you just created directly on your phone.


That's it. Simple. Easy. Effective.


With this basic example, we're sure you can see how our platform can be applied to your business. As your customers opt-in to your lists and your lists expand and grow, you can then send sales alerts, mobile coupons, promotional offers and other messages. You're using a powerful communications channel to connect with your customers.




Thank you!





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